I just opened my new copy of Genii Magazine and was excited to see that in addition to my newest column, the magazine has published a review of Search and Destroy.

By now, many of you have your copy. I want to know what YOU think – please feel free to write your own review of the DVD and drop it as a comment to this post.

Magazines are swell, but I made this DVD for you – lay it on me.

Search and Destroy featuring The Nowhere Pass

Search and Destroy featuring The Nowhere Pass

Genii Magazine review by Dustin Stinett

Reproduced by Permission of The Genii Corporation, Copyright 2009.

This DVD is a terrific addition to any card enthusiast’s video library. Some might question that for $29 you only get one trick and the sleight that it centers around. But this DVD teaches much more than just a trick and a sleight in it’s 83 minutes (about 45 of which are devoted to “Search and Destroy”).  You will learn things about  audience management and misdirection that can be applied to the magic you already do.

“Search and Destroy” is based on Larry Jennings’ “Searchers,” the original slow-motion sandwich plot (originally published in Richard’s Almanac in 1983) wherein the two mates slowly and visibly come together into the center of the deck to capture a selected card. The method(s) Mr. Jennings applied to his solution were, frankly, more interesting than the plot itself. Aaron Fisher has made the plot interesting–read:  “entertaining.”  Furthermore, his solution will not tie your fingers into knots, though it is not self-working by any stretch of the imagination.  Besides knowing a control, one must apply the techniques of audience management taught along with the technical procedures.  You also learn three basic sandwich effects since one is needed to serve as a bit of foreplay before getting to the main event.

The second half of the disc is dedicated to a comprehensive description of Mr.  Fisher’s handling of the Bluff Pass.  I can still recall the first time I saw this move in action, and it fooled the you-know-what out of me. Even now, when I know what’s happening, if fools my eyes.

There are two performances. The main one is filmed live in front of an audience of non-magicians. Once you’ve learned the mechanics and psychology of the routine, you should watch this performance again so you can see these nuances in action.  In this context, this entertaining little film becomes a key object lesson.

The second performance is done for a group of magicians who are clearly taken in as well, even though they should be privy to the underlying “secret” behind the trick.

The overall production values are quite good and navigation is easy.  Mr. Fisher has a very relaxed and amusing teaching style and he is, I think, well on his way to becoming quite the raconteur.  I like everything about this DVD:  The trick, the sleight, and the value-added lessons taught on it. The only thing I can add is “get it!”


1 Response to “Search and Destroy – The Genii Speaks”

  1. 1 Scott Vranesh-Fallin May 20, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    My card handling has changed ever since I was exposed to you and your work at Theory11. I agree with Genii about your teaching style being relaxed and amusing. I go a bit further and suggest that it is accessible as well.

    Your short courses at Theory 11 have really changed how I handle cards. I’ve more or less trusted you and your lessons and my confidence and card handling have improved dramatically.

    So, I was excited to receive “Search and Destroy” and was happy that it followed suit with your other lessons.

    Passes have always frightened me. I flash like a pack of paparazzi who suddenly find Angelina Jolie sleep walking nude on Hollywood Blvd.

    The No Where pass and your instruction have given me hope.

    I’m gun shy, in general, when it comes to purchasing magic to study. I am often disappointed by some crummy gimmick or another. What I enjoy most about the way you teach is you show magic as a journey in and of itself, no some double-sided tape road to stardom.

    You always leave me feeling confident that one day I will be able to truly astound others with just a deck and my hands. You’re handling of a pass I have always been afraid of and therefore have never given myself the chance to learn is worth ten times the price of the DVD
    “Search and Destroy” is a terrific DVD. It is a terrific effect.

    I highly recommend getting it.

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