The Aaron Fisher SeminarGet ready to change the way you think about card magic. Just like a good magic effect, the magic will take place in your own hands.My name is Aaron Fisher, and I want to tell you about a new kind of lecture.It all started about two years ago when the Hermetic Press published my first book, The Paper Engine. The first printing surprised us all by selling out in only a few months. Around that time, I began giving lectures to magic societies.I put together a traditional lecture, much like the magic lectures I grew up with. I would perform a trick, and then explain it. I’d do another, and then explain it. I would continue this way all night long. I performed the most visual material in the book – stuff that always gets a great response. But I could tell the lecture was not meeting its full potential. Something was missing. During the teaching portions of the lecture, I could feel the energy slipping from the room. If you’ve been to more than a couple magic lectures, you know what I mean. After a while, I started to understand why.”You see, people go to a magic show to be involved – for interaction. Magic must engage the audience. People don’t watch good magic; they participate.” –Aaron FisherUnfortunately for many, at some point in a magic lecture, the show stops and the teaching begins. No longer do the spectators participate. First they watch and listen. Then they yawn. And before you know it, they spend the rest of the night counting tiles on the ceiling. To read further, visit my site.


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