And here are the Winners…

I’m back from Sacramento and I’ve drawn the names from the magic hat. I’ve already emailed the winners…and here they are! Thanks again to all of you for making the both the Search and Destroy DVD and The Secret Weapon such a success!

Search and Destroy Shooting Outline

Winners of a Search and Destroy shooting outline autographed by Wayne Houchin, Dana Hocking and me!

Russell Yee

Carlos Santillan

Franklin Monk

Donald Huggard

Abe Carnow

Bill Sawich

Glen Bledsoe

Sheldon Greer

Kieran Moran

Stephan Danko

Grand Prize Phone Session Winners

The following people will each get a 30 minute phone session/lesson with me next week!

Gary Ireland

Phillip Person

Max Kovins

Chris Fecteau

Mark McPhee


1 Response to “And here are the Winners…”

  1. 1 Ridge April 30, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    hey Mr Arron Fisher! You have to be one of the beat card handlers I’ve ever seen!!! I want to become a card handler myself. I already know some card tricks, would you say the nex book I should get would be the Paper Engine”?

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