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Gas Blues Got You Down? Welcome to Magic MetaCamp!

Here’s a candid photo of my friend Lee Asher last year at camp. As it turns out, he wasn’t in on EVERY prank after all….

Lee Asher - looks like he can be fooled after all.

Lee Asher Takes The Cake

Photo by Carey Lauder

It’s summer time, and as many readers already know, that means it’s time for camp. The Sorcerer’s Safari summer camp, about an hour north of Toronto, remains hands down the best program for kids who want serious magic education and a real summer camp experience at the same time. If you don’t know about Magic Mike and his world renowned camp, check it out now.

Let’s get down to business

While I love the classes, activities and shows we put on at Sorcerer’s Safari, I have to say my favorite activity at camp is Swim Time. I hang out under a shady tree while the more socially adjusted kids splash each other. Some kids swim. Others get to the practice of practice. Swim time is when the ‘real work’ goes down.

Campers bring their copies of Erdnase out (got to love it!) and we talk about the stuff that real sleight of hand is made of.

So for those of you who are too old to be campers (not sure I buy that premise), this is your lucky month. Post your questions about card magic, technique and the performance of sleight of hand – I’ll read all your comments, and devote blog posts to answering as many of your fascinating questions as I can.

Make ’em concise, good and thoughtful. That way, everyone will want to read the answer to your question!

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