Strike Change: This will Help you Palm Cards

FISM 2003As many of you know, the One-on-One section of site offers inexpensive downloads from myself, Lee Asher and other talented magicians. I recently released my Strike Change, which originally appeared in my FISM 2003 booklet. There are many visual pieces of magic in that volume. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you take a look. If you like the Strike Change, the magic in the FISM notes will make you VERY happy. End Plug.

Even if you don’t have the Strike Change download, you will find this post helpful. Click the Strike Change link, and then find Strike Change on the One on One menu. Watch it to see what we’re talking about, then join the conversation!

On Palming Cards: Do you have ‘windows’ ?

I received an email today from someone working on the Strike Change. He’s experiencing a common problem – when he holds his fingers together, small gaps remains between them. Here’s what I wrote to him.

Regarding the spaces between your fingers, it sounds like you have ‘windows’. The good news is this is a common problem. It can almost always be solved. It just takes time – and a little effort.

The question is this:

Can you hold your fingers together in a way that shuts the windows?

You may find that you CAN get rid of the windows, but it causes tension, or pain, to do so. That’s great news – it means you’ll ultimately be able to palm cards beautifully and invisibly.

You indicated in your email that the windows only appear when you relax your grip. That means you CAN hold your fingers together – just not in a way you’re comfortable with. That means you just need practice. Just stick with it. Eventually, you’ll be able to hold your your fingers together without strain.


Serious tip: Consider getting a hand exercise squeeze toy.When your hands are stronger, you won’t need to relax your grip to eliminate tension. Get something like this.

What if I STILL can’t close the windows?

You may be in the small group of card men that truly can’t shut their windows. Have no fear. You’ll still be able to palm cards deceptively. The audience will never STARE at your hands, ideally, when cards are palmed. They won’t be thinking about windows. Neither should you.

Back in the days of magic stores, magicians often discovered the concept of ‘psychological invisibility’ in much the same way. The young magician buys a thumb tip. He goes home, practices for a few minutes, and sees that it his new trick will NEVER be successful. He goes back to the store and complains. The wise demo man behind the counter offers to show the young magician another trick. He makes a silk disappear. He shows his hands unmistakably empty. The kid freaks out. He begs to know the secret. The demo man slowly moves to his hand, which has never left view, and removes his thumb tip. The youngster sees the light.

Sometimes we need invisible means. But many times, we use methods that are psychologically invisible. One of the great card men of the last century, Max Malini, was known to have hands so small he could only conceal half a card. But his reputation for palming was unmatched in all the world.

You have the advantage

If you have small hands or unusually thin fingers, or even rough or indelicate looking hands, they work in your favor. No one will ever suspect hands like that of concealing cards. Malini was a great palmer, but why do we consider him the best? Because his hands were so small. His spectators never suspected him.

With regard to color changes like the Strike Change or the side-steal, your windows will not stop you. If you palm the cards naturally and comfortable at your side, the spectator will only focus on the hand only as it comes over the deck to deposit it’s card on the face. The the audience, the card will seem to change before you spread your fingers. Why fight it? To the spectator, the windows make the change look better!

Your Turn

If you’re working on the Strike Change, or any of my other One on One downloads, I want you to succeed. If you have any questions, make them as specific as you can, and send them to me. I’ll answer them in a further blog post!


2 Responses to “Strike Change: This will Help you Palm Cards”

  1. 1 Henry April 16, 2008 at 12:05 am

    This seems really helpful. And having Windows certainly is a problem! 😉

  2. 2 Lucas April 16, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Hey there. I personally have (or had) a problem with my pinkies, they are a little bit curved and I worried about the windows.
    The best is to keep this “psychological invisibility” in mind really, it is always with you, so use it and it will take a lot of tension off your back.

    Thanks a lot once again Mr. Fisher.

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