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Magic Camp – A new kind of education

Teach in with Aaron

 Photo by Carey Lauder

This summer has been a whirlwind – and it’s not over yet. I got back to LA from the east coast just after midnight Tuesday morning, slept five hours and drove to las Vegas. I was in Vegas for a total of about 9 hours to work on an interesting little project with Dan Buck. Dan and Dave are super talented guys. It’s been fascinating to watch them grow up, develop and take the magic world by storm. You’ll hear more about what we were up to in the near future. We worked for a few hours, grabbed some dinner, and got a pleasant surprise. As many of you may know, the Magic Live convention is in full swing at the Orleans in Las Vegas. My schedule is too tight right now, and I couldn’t even drop in. While Dan and I were having a great dinner at Caesar’s at Rao’s, we received a surprising and unexpected phone call.

It was Tim Felix, owner of one of the coolest magic stores in the free world, Midwest Magic. Tim runs perhaps the best stocked magic store in operation today. More importantly, he’s a great friend I hardly ever get to see. He and Jon Stetson (more on him another time) were calling just to say how much they wished I was at the convention. They were eating great steaks, drinking incredible wine, and thinking about the many joyous nights we’ve spent in similar circumstances. They didn’t know it – but Dan and I were about two city blocks away, directly through the casino, of course.

Our Showroom!

Photo by Carey Lauder

We paid, hightailed it over there, and had a great couple hours of cocktails and conversation with two of the smartest guys in magic. A real highlight was the vision I had of Jon Stetson, one of the world’s premier mind readers, having champagne with Dan Buck. It’s a strange and wonderful aspect of the magic world that so many people with different interests can meet, exchange ideas and learn so much from each other. I never would have pictured those two at the same table. It sure was fun to watch. Dan had to get to the late night close up show (it was a serious line up). I dropped him off at the MGM and drove back to LA. I got here just after three am. Continue reading ‘Magic Camp – A new kind of education’